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Mace Bear Spray

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For all you adventurous outdoors-types, Mace Bear Spray is the perfect tool to give you some peace of mind. Allowing anybody to effectively ward off bears of all shapes and sizes, exploring the world with no fear of bear encounters is now a possibility.

At 260 grams with an empty time of 5.4 seconds, Mace Bear Spray's strong magnum fogger canister sprays up to 30 feet away, keeping you well out of harm's way.

Rest assured, while the powerful spray is an absolute deterrent against bears, the product is 100% humane and safe to use. The spray disorients any targeted bears, but wears off within one hour, giving you plenty of time to reach safety and leaving the affected bear no worse for wear.

For best use, store Mace Bear Spray in a moderate environment and do not exceed expiration date on the canister's label. Improper storage may result in leaking or weakened spray functionality.

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