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Mace Pepper Gun

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The Mace Pepper Gun features the accuracy of a handgun in a non-lethal capacity. Once the trigger is activated on this pepper spray gun, a LED light shines in the direction of your attacker. You can even use this pepper gun at any angle, even upside down. This is unlike most pepper spray units that can only be triggered when held in an upright position.

This 28-gram unit contains up to seven quick bursts. The heightened accuracy of this pepper gun allows you to defend yourself by blasting at assailants who may be as far as 20 feet away. Once you activate this pepper gun, the contents come out in a continuous stream, much like an aerosol. This comes from the products incorporation of an advanced delivery system, which uses bag-in-a-can technology. This pepper gun is triggered just like an actual gun. Depress the trigger with your forefinger. When your target is hit with the effects of the OC pepper in this gun, they will become disarmed almost instantly.

The Mace Pepper Gun comes with the following: one water practice cartridge, one oleoresin capsicum (OC) cartridge, and a battery for the LED light. This pepper gun also comes in two different colors, silver or pink.

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