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BashLite Stun Gun Flashlight

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The BashLite Stun Gun is a flashlight that has been designed as a disguised stun gun that delivers a 15 million volt electric shock to a target. The flashlight displays a beaming 120 lumen LED light that blinds a target and provides a very bright light source in low light or in complete darkness. The list is as good as endless when it comes to perks and benefits of this stun gun. It's made with aircraft grade aluminum to prevent it from being destroyed or physically damaged as easy as other plastic flashlights and stun guns.

This BashLite Stun Gun Flashlight also features a safety switch, a charging unit compatible with any basic outlet, and even a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty. Whether you're running a security team or someone who would like protection for those days and nights spent alone, then this will be the perfect tool to combat any aggressive situation. The BashLite Stun Gun only takes one second after contact to make muscles in the body contract. Being only 5.8" x 1" it can easily fit into your pocket or hand with ease. For being as small as it is this stun gun really packs a punch too. When you get this flashlight stun gun you can feel safe protecting yourself and others in areas, especially with poor lighting.

Includes a nylon carry holster.


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