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Cell Phone 12 mil volt Stun Gun

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A handy self-defense device of choice can make use of this compact Cell Phone Stun Gun. This is an easily concealable stun gun providing you an additional layer of protection whenever you step out of your home. The product has unique features like:

Additional Power
The Cell Phone Stun Gun packs a serious punch with 12 million volts and 4.9 milliamps of electrifying power to give you the upper hand in case of any situation.

Compact and Concealable
This piece of equipment is perfectly compact and concealable disguising itself as a smartphone that no one would think twice about.

LED Flashlight
An 80 Lumen LED light for your safety that can conveniently shine bright in the night.

Protective Case
The product comes with a protective carrying case and a belt clip leatherette case.


  • Power: 12 million volts and 4.9 amps respectively
  • Dimensions: 5.5(L) X 2.75(B) X 1.5 (H) inches
  • Weight: 11 ounces
  • A portable wall charger included
  • A belt clip leatherette case and protective carrying case
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty

P.S: The Cell Phone 12 mil volt stun gun is not a working phone.

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