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Pretender Pink Cell Phone 4.5 Million Volt Stun Gun

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Every woman can sense when a public situation is becoming a little unsafe, or unpredictable. The choice to carry a self-defense device like the Pretender Cell Phone Stun Gun should never get in the way of normal life. This is the perfect reason to carry a stun gun that is neatly disguised. Without putting strangers around you at ill ease, you can wield a stun gun that is powerful enough to immobilize an aggressor, while never looking suspicious.

This stun gun appears to be a normal communications device. The pink outer skin mimics custom cell phone designs, but its purpose it much more straightforward. The only active parts of this stun gun's very trendy design is a powerful 12-LED flashlight, and contacts that deliver a jolt of 4.5 million volts.

The purpose of a stun gun like the Pink Pretender Cell Phone Stun Gun is to surprise, and ultimately shock, an aggressor. An attack can come from anywhere and at any time. Carrying a stun gun that looks like a common cell phone which does not disturb a crowd, but can instantly disturb a criminal's plans. The last thing expected by a criminal is a body-pacifying jolt from a cute and fashionable device that appears to be nothing more than a phone. This stun gun is only 4 inches long, and 2 inches wide. It is the perfect stun gun for women who need some added protection but want to be fashionable at all times.


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