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Taser Bolt, Pulse, and C2 Training Cartridges - Crime Guardian

Taser Bolt, Pulse, and C2 Training Cartridges

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If you are interested in learning to use a taser but you want to practice first, you can use these training cartridges. This two pack of training cartridges can be used in the Bolt, Pulse or C2 series tasers as a training cartridge. They will simulate the live-round cartridges without the ability to cause neuromuscular incapacitation, so they should not be used for self defense.

The included cartridges will be blue to easily distinguish them and have a 15 foot range. They contain a primer, gas capsule, probes, non-serialized tags and non-conductive wires. The training cartridges also will not cause the metallic target to 'crackle' and 'spark' in a demonstration.

Note: Only use in the Taser Bolt, Pulse, and C2 series.

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