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Taser HD Camera

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Built from scratch, the Taser Cam HD recorder is a unique piece of advanced technology that was designed to register the most reliable audio and video of your Taser firings. Sleek and ergonomic, this amazingly ingenious product is capable of full integration by being easily inserted in the battery entry of the Taser.

Once inserted, the Taser Cam HD enters a stand-by mode. Recording mode becomes activated as soon as the device is armed, which is accomplished by moving the safety switch to its up position. With the comfort and safety of the user in mind, this feature will completely eliminate the need to turn on the recorder in the middle of a dangerous situation. At the same time, it ensures that the events of the firing are fully recorded, preventing situations where objective facts become muddled and truth becomes slippery.

With a fully charged battery, the Taser HD Camera will provide one hour of high quality audio and video, leaving enough power for at least 100 firings. The Taser HD Camera works alongside X2 and X26P devices to record video, audio and firing logs securely. This will provide for a detailed recorded account of the events, leaving no space for inaccuracies.

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