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Mace KeyGuard Mini Pepper Spray

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The KeyGuard Mini Pepper Spray contains a potent spray from an OC pepper formula. Upon contact with eyes or skin, this formula creates an immense stinging and burning sensation. This effect can last up to forty-five minutes, stopping an attacker in their tracks. With the OC pepper spray being a direct extract from the strong cayenne pepper you know it is going to work.

With the sleek, compact, mini design of the KeyGuard Mini Pepper Spray, it is perfect carry on the go spray. It offers an easy open, dome shape, hinged safety cap that encases the spray button ensuring no unwanted spray occurs. The KeyGuard Mini Pepper Spray is approximately three inches long and has an attached ring making it perfect to carry with any set of keys. This product can be refilled and comes in the color choice of black or pink making it the perfect spray for either men or women.

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