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Mace Pepper Baton

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This Mace Pepper Baton is a discreet looking maximum strength pepper spray that can fit easily on your key ring. This pepper baton looks low-profile and it doesn't weigh down your keychain. It's small enough to place in your pocket. The sleek design can also fit easily into a purse or small bag.

The shape and design of this unit are inspired by the kubotan. Kubotans are self-defense keychain weapons. They are used on attackers who are in close range for jabbing and even disarming them by aiming for their pressure points. This defense baton is also a four gram unit of pepper spray that contains an estimated six bursts of spray. You can stand up to five feet away from the attacker and let the maximum strength power of this pepper spray defend you.

This Mace Pepper Baton comes with the 10% pepper spray formula that will hit your attacker with an uncontrollable burning sensation. The four-gram container that the pepper spray comes in is also refillable. The shape of this pepper spray also makes it easy to hold and aim at your target. The Mace Pepper Baton also comes in three different colors: black, pewter, and red.

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