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Mace Pepper Gel Home Defense

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Mace Pepper Gel Home Defense is a non-flammable, patent pending, first response defense against an attack. It is made with an OC pepper formula, derived from cayenne peppers, suspended in a gel it ensures it will stick to the attacker's face. Applying the latest technology, the Pepper Gel Home Defense has an invisible UV dye that is integrated into the gel leaving the attacker identifiable to the authorities if needed.

The Pepper Gel Home Defense has a shooting range of twenty-five feet and is more accurate and less contaminating than average liquid sprays. The formula includes 1.4% capsaicinoid concentration which is hotter than most sprays available. The canister can empty in six seconds and features a grip similar to a pistol handle. To ensure it does not discharge unnecessarily the product features a safety pin that must be pulled before use. If used outside where windy conditions are present, the thick gel minimizes the chance of blowback on the user.

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