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Mace Pepper Gel Maritime

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This Pepper Gel Maritime Mace product is the ultimate solution for quick and easy firsthand defense on boats or in general windy conditions. The Pepper Gel contains a patented formulation of maximum strength suspended OC pepper, which gives it a thick gel like consistency. This formulation decreases the chances of it blowing back and doing harm to the sprayer. The Pepper Gel contains 330 grams per can, and empties in a breathtaking 6 seconds, reaching up to 25 feet! The Pepper Gel also contains an invisible UV dye which clings to the face of the attacker making him more distinct and apparent to police for identification. This specific model features a pistol grip handle with a safety pin that prevents accidental discharge. Whether you are out on the great waters or docked at the marina, this Mace Pepper Gel Maritime Spray is great to keep you safe.

  • Contains 1.4% capsaicinoid concentration, which is considerably hotter than most pepper sprays
  • The gel is designed to stick to the attacker’s face, extending the effects of the OC pepper
  • The gel consistency prohibits overspray and contamination to surrounding areas.
  • When sprayed, the product will cling to whatever it is aimed at.
  • Product is non-flammable

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