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Mace Pepper Gel Spray

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When people (especially women) give thought to their own personal safety, many choose to carry mace spray. If attacked, in a parking lot for example, the hope is that a spray of Mace in the attacker's face will ward off serious harm, allowing time to escape. Now there is a better, more advanced tool to ensure safety. Mace Pepper Gel has the desired effect of traditional mace spray but with added advances.

The gel is a stronger concentration and repels potential attackers more effectively. Trying to repel an assault within a short distance increases the likelihood of injury, so this Mace has the ability to shoot farther, keeping you from the attacker at a safer distance. The simple fact that the consistency of the stream of mace is in gel form means that the substance sticks to the face like glue -- it goes AND stays right where it will be the most effective.

This revolutionary Mace Pepper Gel Spray is non-flammable for you own safety when carried in a pocket, purse or backpack. Additionally, because of its viscosity, the wider surrounding areas are not contaminated. So, when considering personal protection, don't forget this improved version of an old reliable method.

Available in 2 sizes:

  1. Large - 45 Gram, contains 7 one-second bursts, an effective range of 18 feet.
  2. Magnum - 79 Gram, contains 13 one-second bursts, an effective range of 18 feet.

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