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Stun Master 20 mil volt Metal Stun Baton Flashlight

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The Stun Master 20 Million Volt Metal Stun Baton Flashlight is an inspired personal protection device. It is appropriate for people who need utility and defense options, as well as, security personnel trained in using batons and clubs.

This device is operated from a sure gripping surface. At the distal end, there is a bright and reliable 120 Lumen LED flashlight. With a simple, strategically-positioned trigger button, stun contacts containing 20 million volts rush a charge through the body of an attacker. Before and after the jolt from this stun gun is initiated, incredible and effective self-defense can be accomplished. The construction of this stun gun allows it to be used like a military-grade baton.

A strong lanyard is attached to the base of this stun device. It allows the owner to wear it around the wrist as a convenient lighting device, visual deterrent, and anti-assault aid. This baton is made from industrial aluminum, is extremely light, and has a nearly invisible profile.

The Metal Stun Baton Flashlight provides many opportunities for quickly taking care of any unsafe situation.

Includes a charger cord. Measures 14 ¾” x 1 ½” and has a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

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