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Stun Master 3 mil volt Lipstick Stun Gun

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The Stun Master Lipstick Stun Gun is a must have for Ladies

Are you a woman who has ever felt threatened by the presence of a male aggressor? Have you ever felt less secure regarding your personal safety in any situation? Or maybe you're the husband or father of a female who you feel should be able to protect themselves in a dangerous situation. You'll find that the Stun Master 3 million volt Lipstick Stun Gun is the ultimate disguised protection tool for women who need protection for any reason. This Stun Master Stun Gun has been designed to replicate a typical tube of lipstick in order to avoid detection by an aggressor.

This small 5" tall lipstick stun gun is easily able to fit into pockets and purses, which makes it quickly accessible in the event of an emergency. This powerful stun gun delivers a shocking three million volts of electricity. The stun gun includes an integrated charger for maximum portability. Beneath the cap, you'll find two buttons that activate the built-in flashlight and electric probes. The lipstick stun gun should be in the purse of every woman who is concerned about her personal safety.

You even have the choice to choose between 5 colors: black, gold, purple, pink, and red.

This product is super cute, and a perfect product for ladies on the go. It is definitely not your ordinary stun gun!  Now take self-defense anywhere you go with this one of a kind stun gun.

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