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Stun Master Covert 9 mil volt Stun Gun Flashlight

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The Covert Stun Gun Flashlight is the Ultimate Security Tool

Are you on a security team? Do you ever find yourself alone on walks or coming home from work at night? Are you maybe just looking for something to protect yourself with? If you answered yes to any of those questions then the Stun Master Covert 9 million volt Stun Gun Flashlight may be the solution for your needs. This flashlight is not your ordinary flashlight, it features along the ridges of the top where the light shines from, probes that emit a powerful 9 million voltage shock to an attacker or aggressor. With fully charged batteries you can expect to deliver a stunning 4.7 milliamps.

Whether you have an arsenal of defensive tools or if this is your first one, you'll particularly love this covert stun gun flashlight due to it's astonishing resemblance to a regular flashlight. It comes with a wrist strap to ensure you don't drop it and to eliminate the risk of hurting yourself. You'll also find it convenient that it can be charged on the go by means of a cigarette lighter port in your vehicle in addition to a standard outlet at home. Don't let your attacker take you by surprise. Instead, take the attacker by surprise with this covert stun gun flashlight.

Measures 7¼” x 1½”

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