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Stun Master Lil Guy 12 mil volt Stun Gun

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There's no reason the average person wanting personal protection can't have a powerful and effective immobilization device that is fashionable. The Lil Guy Stun Gun is a battery powered close proximity stun device that delivers a shock to anyone who gets too close!

The Lil Guy Stun Gun packs 12 million volts into a compact size when fully powered with standard batteries. Two elevated contacts ensure that a stream of immobilizing electricity is generated when quick personal protection power is needed most.

The advantages of a discreet, compact, and fashionable protection device cannot be understated. The Lil Guy Stun Gun offers the power and ease-of-use of much more expensive devices but allows the option of looking like an everyday item. This compact stun gun is equipped with a LED flashlight, and convenient side triggers. It can be stored in any purse, bag or pocket. It is extremely effective in places like parking lots, elevators, and areas where the potential for assault is high. It's small and cute, but it packs a commanding electrical shock to control any situation.

Measures only 3 3/4" x 1 1/2" x 3/4".

Available in 9 colors Black, Blue, Green, Red Purple, Pink, Snakeskin, Animal Print and Flower Design

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