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Stun Master Mobile 18 mil volt Stun Gun Flashlight

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If you are like most people, then personal protection is high on your priority list. Nobody wants to go through their days feeling like they are vulnerable. For those who don't want to carry a firearm around at all times, a mobile stun gun flashlight is the perfect answer. The Stun Master Mobile 18 million volt flashlight is a device that can be carried easily in a pocket or purse because it is only 9.25 inches by 1.5 inches.

This particular mobile stun gun flashlight also features a USB charging port that can be used to power up your smartphone or iPod, and the flashlight actually works and shines an impressively bright light. The flashlight itself is made out of aluminum that is used in aircraft applications, which means that it's very durable and strong. This device can be used as a stun gun, but it could also be used as a baton as well.

You will feel secure in any situation if you are carrying the Stun Master Mobile Charger Stun Gun Flashlight with you because it delivers 18 million volts of electricity that is sure to stop any attacker in their tracks. Also, you will not have to worry about anybody feeling uncomfortable if they happen to see the flashlight because it does not appear to be a stun gun at all. Don't leave yourself unprotected in situations where you feel at risk, get yourself a stun gun flashlight that is sure to provide the level of protection you are looking for.

It measures 9 ¼” x 1 ½” and has a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

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