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Taser Bolt Kit with Laser

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Taser Bolt with Laser

Imagine that it's a dark night and you are walking to your car alone when you hear someone approaching from behind you, what do you do? If you are carrying deadly weapon, this could mean taking a life and getting into serious legal trouble. If you are carrying nothing, this could mean losing your life. The Taser Bolt is the best alternative.

The Taser Bolt is manufactured with the same quality that law enforcement uses to help put down the threat before they even get close. It comes with two cartridges and a lithium power magazine so you never have to worry about it not having power. The laser sight helps make sure you hit your intended target. To make sure your aggressor isn't able to lay a had on you, the Taser Bolt allows you to strike them from up to 15 feet away. You don't need a license to carry to carry it in most states and its small enough to be concealed in a purse or backpack. Most of all, it affords you peace of mind knowing that should the situation arise you will always be able to protect yourself.

What's included:
  • TASER Bolt
  • Laser sight with LED
  • Lithium Battery provides over 50 firings (not rechargeable)
  • Two - Live Cartridges
  • Practice Target
  • Soft Cover Holster
  • Quick Start Self Defense Guide

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