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Taser X26P Black with Laser

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Taser X26P: One of the Most Powerful on the Market

The Taser X26P is one of the most powerful tasers on the market. Unlike some ineffective tasers that would have trouble taking down a scrawny teenager, the X26P has the ability to take down even the most aggressive individuals. What about drugs or alcohol you say? The X26P has no problem their either. Constructed with Electro-Muscular Disruption (EMD) Technologies and Innovate Shaped Pulse™, this taser has the ability to render any target motionless. More specifically, the taser is able to limit muscular movement by overriding the target's central nervous system temporarily.

This piece is great for anybody who holds any sort of security position, but it is certainly not limited to this demographic. Everyone who is interested in protecting themselves from potential threats will feel safer having the Taser X26P strapped to their side. It comes in a sleek and discrete black finish with a matching holster. There are two live cartridges that come with the X26P so it's ready to fire out of the box. A Performance Power Magazine works efficiently as the taser's battery pack. A LED is also included in the purchase package. The Taser X26P also comes fully equipped with a laser, ensuring greater accuracy and reliability.

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